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Exploring Exciting Opportunities: Laurel Highlands School District's Afterschool Program 2024-2025

Exploring Exciting Opportunities

Laurel Highlands School District's Afterschool Program - Parent Survey Needed to Determine Interest

The Laurel Highlands School District is gearing up for an exciting initiative aimed at enhancing the educational journey of its elementary school students. In collaboration with the Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc., the school district is taking the first steps toward launching an Afterschool Program for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.

An Afterschool Program for All Elementary Schools

The proposed Afterschool Program is designed to benefit students across all four of Laurel Highlands' Elementary Schools. With the primary goal of enriching the academic experience, it will offer a wide range of opportunities and support to participating students.


Cost to Families: Free

Laurel Highlands School District is committed to ensuring that this program is accessible to all students, without placing any financial burden on families. The Afterschool Program will be free of charge, enabling equal access to its benefits.

Location of Program: All Four Elementary Schools

Convenience is a priority. The Afterschool Program will be available at all four of Laurel Highlands' Elementary Schools, making it easily accessible for students from diverse neighborhoods.

Program Schedule: 10 Hours per Week, Monday-Thursday

The program will run for 10 hours per week, with sessions taking place four days a week from Monday through Thursday. Each session will be 2 1/2 hours long, providing ample time for students to engage in various activities and receive academic support.

Program Purpose

The Afterschool Program has a multifaceted purpose, focusing on the holistic development of students. It aims to:

- Provide opportunities for academic enrichment, including tutoring and homework


- Help students meet and exceed challenging state academic standards.

- Offer a broad array of additional services and activities, including:

- Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities.

- Nutrition and health education.

- Substance and violence prevention programs.

- Social and emotional activities.

- Art

- Physical fitness and wellness programs.

- Technology education programs.

- Financial literacy programs.

- Reinforce and complement the regular academic program of participating


Transportation Provided

The Laurel Highlands School District understands the importance of transportation for students. To make participation in the Afterschool Program as hassle-free as possible, transportation will be provided to take students home at the conclusion of the program.

Qualified Staff

The success of the Afterschool Program hinges on the quality of its staff. Instructors will hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education or a related field, ensuring a high level of expertise in guiding and educating students. Instructor Aides will possess a high school diploma and have valuable experience working with children, contributing to the overall support and effectiveness of the program.

Your Feedback Matters

To ensure that the Afterschool Program aligns with the needs and expectations of the Laurel Highlands community, the school district is inviting parents and guardians to provide their valuable input. Your feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping this program, making it as beneficial as possible for the students it serves.

Please take a moment to complete the survey about the Afterschool Program, sharing your thoughts and suggestions. Your involvement is greatly appreciated, and it will help make this initiative a resounding success.

Laurel Highlands School District is excited about the potential of the Afterschool Program and looks forward to the positive impact it will have on the education and well-being of its elementary school students. Together, we can create a supportive and enriching environment that nurtures the future leaders of our community.

Thank you for your participation and commitment to the growth and success of our students.


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