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LHSD College Credits while in High School

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

LHSD College Credits While in High School 2022-2023

The high school currently offers opportunities for students to earn college credits while in high school. There are three types of dual enrollment opportunities available: 1. Advanced Placement (AP) taught by LH teachers---our classes, but college approved,

2. On-site / Dual Enrollment courses, where students attend the college/university (on-

campus, online, or after school at the high school), or 3. College in High School, several LH teachers are approved/certified to teach college-

level courses during the day and students can choose to earn college credits.

AP + Dual Enrollment
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Current Dual Enrollment Opportunities Penn State / Fayette Campus (On-campus or online Fall/Spring) California University of PA (early admit program, various entry-level college courses) Clarion University (various online courses available Fall/Spring) Seton Hill University (On-campus or online Fall/Spring) Laurel Business Institute (LBI) (On-campus only/early release required) West Virginia University (Online/On-Campus)

Current College in High School Opportunities University of Pittsburgh---AP US Gov/Politics, AP Calculus, AP Statistics and AP Physics Mount Aloysius College---AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Calculus, and AP US History WCCC---Honors Financial Accounting II and AP Psychology Seton Hill University---Spanish III, Honors Spanish IV and AP Spanish

Currently, the district is reimbursing a small amount of the cost for students as long as they earn a “C” or higher in the course. The district negotiated a lower tuition price and is offering the reimbursement as a way for students to have advanced standing in college before they leave high school and for parents to save money. For additional information, please see the attached offerings or speak to your childʼs guidance counselor. **Tuition, Fees, and Reimbursements are subject to change. Students / Parents will receive the reimbursement only aer completion of the course with a “C” or higher.


DUAL ENROLLMENT OFFERINGS 2022 - 2023 Penn State – Fayette Campus (On-line/On-Campus) ➢ Tuition:$859.50 for a 3 credit course (Penn State has discounted tuition 50%) ➢ Fees: $50.00, Books: Students purchase on their own ➢ Total:$909.50 But the district will reimburse $200 if the student earns a “C” or higher

California University (On-line/On-Campus) HSEA Information Link ➢ Tuition:$303 for a 3 credit course and Fees: $30 application (1time) ➢ Books:Students purchase on their own ➢ Total:$333 But the district will reimburse $50 if the student earns a “C” or higher

Clarion University (On-line Course) ➢ Tuition: $345 and Fees:$50 (1time) ➢ Books: Students purchase on own ➢ Total:$395 But the district will reimburse $50 if the student earns a “C” or higher

Pitt University (College in HS) ➢ Tuition:$225 (3 credit course ) $300 (4 credit course)NoFees ➢ Books:Suppliedbydistrict ➢ Total:$225/$300 But the district will reimburse $50 if the student earns a “C” or higher

Mount Aloysius College (College in HS) ➢ Tuition: $65 per credit/NoFees ➢ Books: Supplied by district ➢ Total: $195 (3credits) $260 (4credits) District will reimburse $50 if the student earns a “C”or higher.

Westmoreland Community College (WCCC) (College in HS) ➢ Tuition:$360(3creditcourse)/NoFees ➢ Books: Supplied by district ➢ Total: $360/District will reimburse $50 if the student earns a “C” or higher

Seton Hill University (On-line Course/On-Campus/College in HS) ➢ Tuition:$230 (3 credit course) ➢ Books: Online/On-Campus purchase on own/College in Classroom Supplied by District ➢ Total:$230 But the district will reimburse $50 if the student earns a “C” or higher

West Virginia University (Online/On-Campus Courses) ➢ Tuition:$25percredit/Total:$75.00for3creditcourse ➢ Books:Studentspurchaseontheirown

Laurel Business Institute (On-Campus) ➢ LBIwaivestuition(onlycostsareforbooks,equipment,supplies,&optionalcertifications)


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