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Your Future is Now. Embrace it!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

When you're a wild horse, you have the freedom to run anywhere you please. The future is an open field of endless possibilities. However, running freely can be a long journey–if you're alone. From the moment a mustang rides into Laurel Highlands, they never ride alone again.

When Laurel Highlands was founded in 1965, it was our mission to provide a rigorous, meaningful, and relevant education which prepares our students to become productive members of an ever-changing society.

Mustangs are free thinkers.

Mustangs are global competitors.

Mustangs are creative designers.

Mustangs are technology savvy.

Mustangs are driven to succeed.

Mustangs run into that field of opportunity backed by the herd.

Mustangs your future is now! Embrace it!


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