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To acquire and distribute resources to the Laurel Highlands School District for the programs and projects aimed at enhancing, enriching, or supplementing learning opportunities for students, staff, and community.


About The Foundation


The Laurel Highlands Academic Foundation founded spring 1996, is a non-profit organization formed by friends of the Laurel Highlands School District.


The goals of the volunteer Board of Trustees, are but not limited to provide resources for additional enrichment activities, resources for unique student learning needs, and extend the opportunities for quality education for students of the district by fund raising, charitable individual and corporate contributions and student scholarships.


Financial Information


The Foundation was formed to acquire and distribute resources for the benefit of students in the Laurel Highlands School District for programs and projects aimed at enhancing, enriching, and supplementing learning opportunities.

Since its inception, the Foundation has raised over $250,000 through donor contributions and fund raising activities. As of June 30, 2014, the Foundation has unrestricted assets of approximately $60,000, and assets permanently restricted for scholarships in excess of $200,000.


The Academic Foundation awards scholarships annually to Laurel Highlands seniors planning to further their education. Applicants must complete the College Scholarship Application available on the Fayette County Community website.


Programs Funded By The Foundation


Outreach Programs such as Touchstone Center for the Arts and Crafts

Artist/Author in Residence Program for the elementary grades

Annual Community Spirit Day

SAT workshops for high school students to improve scores

The development of a lending Kindergarten Library in all elementary schools

Shakespeare In Schools Program

Opera In Schools Program

Family Reading Night

Mini-Grant Programs for teachers to develop new innovative projects and programs

The Foundation wishes to help motivate students in the Science areas by providing equipment and materials in the elementary schools, such as five anatomical teaching torsos and a Flexcom Micro Video Camera, microscope and equipment for the high school, such as an Analytical Balance Nuclear Science Lab and Visual Spectrum


Special Programs sponsored by the Foundation are Community Spirit Day and The Sweet Theatre.


How the Foundation Works


A volunteer Board of Trustees who, is dedicated to serving the goal of educational excellence, governs the Foundation.

The Trustees operate independently from the Laurel Highlands School District Board of Education.

They are responsible for determining guidelines for project funding, selecting targeted projects and raising and dispersing funds.


Community Participation


Many opportunities exist for the community to become actively involved with the Academic Foundation. We welcome workers to help with our various programs and projects.

To become involved, contact the LH central office at 724.437.2821. Your time and ideas are welcome.


With your help, the Foundation can provide those additional opportunities that assure an excellent education.


Academic Foundation Board of Trustees 2017:


Vince Soom-President

JimTobal-Vice President

Judy Gallis-Secretary

Joanne Phillian-Treasurer


Inez Felix

Pam Hughes

Sherri Gregg

Jim Mari

Jim Conway

Gary Carter

Rob Hartsek

Michelle Kelley

Lauren Yohman

William Simpson

Susan Golden

Shawn Golden

Vicki Smalley

Randy Mundel


Board Representative


Ira Chrise


District Representatives


Dr. Jesse T. Wallace, III, Superintendent
Mr. Randy Miller, Director of Curriculum


Recording Secretary


Bobbi Downs


Student Representatives 2015-2016


Olivia Soom and Cameron Lizza


Tax Deductible contributions can be made to:


Laurel Highlands Academic Foundation
304 Bailey Avenue
Uniontown, PA 15401