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Welcome to the Laurel Highlands School District, a vibrant and innovative learning community. We are committed to providing a top-quality education to our students through our unique cyber program and comprehensive curriculum. Through our cyber program, students have the opportunity to explore their passions and develop their skills in a safe and supportive environment. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential. We also have a wide range of interactive and engaging activities for our students to explore. With the help of our Online Coordinator, Mr. Pete Williams, students have access to the best resources and support to help them succeed. While our district firmly believes the best education we can offer our students is in our buildings, we are proud to offer our cyber program to accommodate those students who have a need for an online education.

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Mr. Pete Williams, Online Coordinator

Any parent who wants to enroll their child in the LH cyber program MUST contact their child’s guidance counselor to obtain an appropriate schedule. Mr. Williams cannot enroll students who do not have an approved schedule by your home school's guidance department. 

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