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High-quality health care coverage from CHIP helps keep kids strong

CHIP covers uninsured children and teens up to age 19 - and no family earns too much to qualify. With nearly 128,000 uninsured children in Pennsylvania, this is great news for families!

CHIP provides quality, comprehensive health insurance for routine doctor's visits, prescriptions, dental, eye care, eyeglasses, mental health, and much more. CHIP covers uninsured kids who are not eligible for Medical Assistance. For many families, CHIP is free - for others, it is low cost.

The CHIP program is pleased to partner with LEAs in helping families find affordable health insurance for their children. After all, healthy kids are better students!

For more information please see the attached flyer or go to,

CHIP School Flyer 2023 - English
Download PDF • 924KB

CHIP School Flyer 2023 - Spanish
Download PDF • 939KB


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