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LHU Grant Newscast

Laurel Highlands and Uniontown high schools made history as students from both institutions came together for the very first joint newscast, providing a comprehensive overview of the academic, athletic, and art events that took place during the 2022/23 school year. This momentous occasion was made possible through the LHU STEM grant, which aims to foster collaboration between students from both schools in various STEM activities.

Under the LHU STEM grant initiative, Laurel Highlands and Uniontown students have been engaging in a wide range of STEM activities throughout the year. Including eSports, drones and much more.

With the LHU STEM grant continuing to provide support and resources, Laurel Highlands and Uniontown high schools are poised to witness even greater achievements in the years to come, strengthening the foundation for a bright future in STEM-related fields.


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