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THINKFAST Interactive came to LHHS!

THINKFAST Interactive came to LHHS!

The high school juniors and seniors participated in a fast-paced, interactive presentation on Thursday called THINKFAST interactive. Sponsored by SADD Club and State Farm Insurance, and hosted by Mars O'Neal and DJ Bias, this one-time, one-hour long program focused on teen driver safety, catered to the laws of Pennsylvania. With a combination of pop culture, music, and driving questions, groups of students used wireless multi-digit remote systems to buzz in with their answers. They also won prizes in a student dance-off and for outstanding acting abilities.

In the end, four lucky students participated in a final trivia round, where the winning team won $100 in Amazon gift cards. A fun time was had by all, and many students took away valuable knowledge that could help save their lives as teenage drivers. On behalf of Mrs. Neill and SADD Club, we want to give a huge thank you to Lauren Yohman, State Farm Agent, for reaching out to us and bringing this awesome program to LH High School. Also thank you to Lexi Carder from State Farm, Sue Quinn from Senator Pat Stefano's office, and Jaci Brice, PA District 12 Highway Safety Network Coordinator, for attending. We greatly appreciate your time and efforts to promote safe practices for our teenage drivers.


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