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UPDATE Suspect Caught - Threat at Hutchinson Elementary

Updated: Feb 9

UPDATED 8:47PM 2/8/24

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, and Staff of the Laurel Highlands School District:

As of 7:45 pm this evening (2/8/24), we were notified by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) that the individual responsible for the Hutchinson Elementary School fifth-grade students’ “SnapChat” weapon threat has been identified and admitted guilt.

Unfortunately, according to authorities the culprit is a Laurel Highlands School District student. On that note, we would like to acknowledge the swiftness, professionalism, and diligence of the PSP in the investigation of this matter. Likewise, I have come to know, the social media site associated with this incident also corporated fully with the investigation and request(s) of the PSP. 

At this time we  consider this threat resolved and the incident closed. All Laurel Highlands School District schools will be open on regular schedule on 2/9/24.

We appreciate all the teamwork and effort of authorities involved including our own security personnel for their actions in keeping our students, staff, and community safe. In closing, it is imperative that young students who have access to devices that connect to social media sites exhibit proper etiquette and maturity while engaged. 

We take the health, safety, and welfare of our students, staff, and community seriously and will pursue to fullest any threat to the contrary. Thank you for your support and patience through this unsettling experience.


Dr. Jesse T. Wallace, III



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