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Laurel Highlands School District will employ an Inclement Weather day on January 28, 2022

January 28, 2022

Dear LHSD Parents, Students, and Guardians,

LHSD will be operating on REMOTE LEARNING on January 28, 2022 due to inclement weather.

During an Inclement Weather/Remote Learning Day(s), students do not physically attend school, but instead receive assignments at home from their teachers, who upload lessons online. Inclement Weather Learning Days allow the canceled school days to be counted toward the 180 days of instruction currently required under law, providing greater flexibility to school entities, especially during inclement weather--while ensuring that students continue to learn (please see below school schedule).

Please note that students will begin the instructional day on a two (2) hour delay; however, staff will be available on the regular school day schedule for individual instruction, record instructional video clips, and will be available for support for students and parents as well as for questions. In addition, Home-room attendance will be recorded during this time.

During an Inclement Weather/Remote Learning Day, teachers work remotely. However, depending on circumstances, school buildings may be open for those staff wishing to have access to their respective classrooms and resources. Due to the circumstances associated with this incident, all buildings will be closed except for the administration and custodial staff. All teachers and students will follow the attached daily instructional schedule during Inclement Weather/Remote Learning Days. All Classroom Teachers will be available online for students during their scheduled class periods in their regular school day. All Non-Teaching Professionals will be available online for students during the regular instruction day, except for prep and lunch periods. Teachers may utilize both synchronous and asynchronous instruction, review, and individual student assistance through platforms including but not limited to Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, SeeSaw, recorded lessons, school email, Kami, Khan Academy, Screen Cast O Matic, and Flipgrid. Additional communication platforms, websites, and resources may be used.

Likewise, all students will receive classroom instruction on how to navigate the Inclement Weather/Remote learning process and procedures in their respective classrooms.

Teachers will make reasonable differentiated accommodations for those students who document a lack of access to internet services or other technical access to learning challenges.

Special Education teachers will be responsible for remote/digital meetings/collaborating/communicating through determined hours, to address IEP/504/GIEP deadlines and/or obligations. All accommodations are to be delivered to the greatest extent possible per PDE/State of Pennsylvania guidelines. In addition, all Regular Education teachers are responsible for implementing IEP's and communicating with Special Education case managers and parents.

All students will be given 3 (three) school days to complete and turn in assignments given on an Inclement Weather/Flexible Instruction Day.

We thank you for your continued support!


Dr. Jesse T. Wallace, III


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