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LHSD COVID-19 CASES WK Ending 1/22

Dear Family members, Staff, Stakeholders, and Students,

In an effort to provide transparent, accurate, and timely information in regard to the infections of COVID-19 within the Laurel Highlands School District; below is building information that quantifies the number of COVID-19 cases and the number of personnel and students who are either quarantining due to DOH and/or medical provider recommendations or who are COVID-19 positive and are following the DOH guidance in regard to quarantining week ending 1/22/21.

Please keep in mind that often staff and students who are COVID-19 positive have self-quarantined prior to diagnosis; therefore, the contagious timeline does not affect others or our schools.

However, if this is not the case, the DOH and/or medical provider will connect with us to determine close contacts. Subsequently, we will be following all DOH/PDE guidance in regard to mitigation protocols.

Week ending 1/22/21:


Dr. Jesse T. Wallace, III



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