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  • This type of learning is being created this year for LHSD students due to COVID.

  • All classes will be led by an LH teacher with the current LHSD curriculum.

  • If the student is a senior, he/she will have the opportunity to earn a diploma from LHSD.

  • At the elementary level and middle school level, all classroom teachers will be responsible for teaching all students in their classes and/or providing services to all students in their caseload, both in person and remotely.

  • At the high school level, LHSD will incorporate one online teaching period (to as many online classes are needed based on the number of students requesting this type of instruction. AP courses will probably not be available and not all Honors courses will be available.)

  • All teachers will have two office hours every Wednesday. Elementary also has office hours Tuesday and Thursday 8:25-8:45 am. All teachers have daily prep periods and may be accessible through email.

  • Students will be able to utilize district Chromebooks but will need WIFI access (either at home or public WIFI) to complete the instruction. The district has WIFI at all school parking lots. (some internet providers are giving free access)

  • Instruction will be made up of mostly asynchronous learning (but Zoom/Google Meet opportunities will be available when feasible.)

  • Most teachers will utilize Google Classroom as a common learning platform.

  • Students will have access to teachers, counselors & principals through email and phone.

  • Students will be permitted to switch between remote/distance learning to face to face mode of instruction or visa versa once during the year. Once completed, the student(s) will not have the opportunity to change platforms until the end of the existing 9 weeks.

  • There is minimal cost to the district.

  • How to Enroll:  Students will receive a Scheduling Survey during the week of July 20th. 


  • LHSD has partnered with IU#1 to create online courses. 

  • Many of the secondary courses are taught by LH staff. If we don’t have an LH course developed, the other courses are taught by a variety of teachers from participating districts to fill the student’s schedule. 

  • Courses are typically taught asynchronously.

  • Most courses are created using Moodle (an online platform.)

  • All courses are currently academic level with no Honors or AP courses available.

  • Here is a sample of the draft course catalog (Elementary courses K-5 are currently being created and will be done before the start of the school year.)

  • Once enrolled, students will be loaned: a computer, Internet mobile JetPack (WiFi ready), IU1 Internet filtering, technical assistance, direct helpline, and a scanner.

  • This program is less expensive to the district than outside cyber schools, but still costs the district approximately $8,300.00 per student. Students enrolled for 33 days will be automatically charged to the district for a full school year.

  • How to Enroll: 

    • Students will typically be enrolled during the week of August 17th

    • Complete Registration Link (Information goes directly to Mr. Jordan, LHSD instructor and online liaison) He will complete the registration, send a request to the student’s counselor to build a schedule, and he will complete the first day of school orientation.

    • An exit interview may be conducted if needed.

    • Once enrolled, Mr. Jordan will be in contact to complete the orientation and confirm enrollment.


  • These types of cyber programs are extremely unpopular with LHSD for many reasons.

  • Students do NOT earn a diploma from LHSD.

  • Students are rarely successful because outside cyber schools do not regularly follow up with students to ensure success. If they’re not performing well, the students usually do not earn passing grades.

  • Courses are typically taught asynchronously.

  • Students have to withdraw from LHSD.

  • These programs are announced as free, but they are actually funded by the LHSD general fund. They are so expensive that if the cost continues to increase, LH may be forced to cut teachers, programs, etc.

  • The cost to LHSD is approximately $12,000 per regular education student and $26,000 per identified special education student


  • Access this link to review homeschool documents and requirements.


  • Synchronous learning means that students and teachers are communicating on the computer at the same time (usually through Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)

  • Synchronous is difficult to accomplish daily due to many factors including confidentiality, the requirement of students/teachers being available at the exact time, the need for more staff, students sharing WIFI access or computers, etc.

  • Asynchronous learning means that the student and teacher are not on the computer at the same time. The teacher pushes out assignments, videos, project-based lessons, etc. and the student completes them at his/her own pace. There are typically timelines in which a student would have to complete the work.

  • PDE requires that attendance is recorded with all types of learning.


  • LHSD believes that in-person instruction is the best instructional process for all students.

  • Social interaction and in-person instruction is essential to our children’s emotional well-being, as well as their educational growth and advancement

  • With online learning, students must be independent, motivated learners. Not every student is capable of managing their own learning.

  • Students have more supports with in-person instruction throughout the school every day from teachers, counselors, principals, etc.

  • With online learning, parents/guardians must regularly monitor student success.


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