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Mini Might Mustangs Updated Events

March 3rd - Welcome to the Jungle Literacy Themed Event This event will be held at our Middle School building

Learn About Our M.M.M. Program - CLICK HERE Our Goals---Enhance early childhood education through: Developing a student-centered focus

Increasing dialogue, communications, and partnerships between schools and families, pre-K and Kindergarten staff, and education and business

Increasing understanding of child development among all stakeholders

Developing an effective literacy focus

● Provides additional literacy opportunities for students in our community

● LHSD developed the Mini Mighty Mustang program through various grants

● Various literacy events held throughout the school year for students and parents

● FREE Early Childhood Literacy Packets Mailed Home

● Built partnership with WQED / PBS Kids

● LH High school students mentor Pre-K students

● The MMM program works to support ALL early childhood centers and programs


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