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Statement Concerning Threat at LHHS 3/29/23

Dear LHSD Students, Parents, Guardians, and Staff:

In an effort to provide clarity and transparency to a disturbing matter, please be aware that during the morning hours of 3/29/23, the Uniontown Police Department received a call from an individual claiming to be "hold-up" in one of our high school restrooms with an active shooter in the building, then ceased the call once the officer attempted to retrieve information. At that point, the Uniontown Police Department and the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) initiated their active shooter protocols and immediately responded to the high school.

As such, the high school and associated school grounds property were locked down and the building was swept multiple times to ensure the safety of all occupants. Upon police investigation, it was determined that the call was considered a "Swatting Call." Therefore, after a thorough sweep(s) of the high school premises, it was determined that there was no threat. In fact, as the actions and investigative procedures of the Uniontown Police and PSP unfolded the authorities released the following information to us:

"Starting at approximately 0800 hours today, a series of "swatting calls" have been received involving several schools in different counties within Pennsylvania,, involving threats of an active shooter situation or bomb threat. These calls have created lockdowns and/or evacuations of schools with a large response from police and emergency services. So far, these swatting calls have come in by phone by a male caller, with a middle eastern accent. All of the schools involved have been cleared or are in the process of being cleared by Law Enforcement. All calls have had similar content. Please remain vigilant, respond appropriately, and don't become complacent."

This incident remains under investigation by the authorities. We thank the Uniontown Police Department and the PSP for the immediate, deliberate, and quick response to this matter; Additionally, throughout the investigative process, we have operated in the best interest of students and staff. As an unfortunate circumstance of our environment, we drill and practice for such events, we applaud the staff and students who knew exactly what to do in this situation. We appreciate the calm and demeanor throughout the lockdown timeline.

We will continue to do everything possible to establish and maintain a safe learning environment for all students, staff, and the community.

Thank you for your support and patience.


Dr. Jesse T. Wallace, III Superintendent

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