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WPIAL Playoff Ticket Information

Laurel Highlands WPIAL Play-Off Ticket Information:

Laurel Highlands ticket sales will limited to each basketball player receiving two tickets to be purchased for their upcoming game.

Due to spectator limitations, there will be no tickets sold at the gate.

Admittance to a wpial play-off game will be contingent upon presenting a ticket at the admission entrance on game night.

Laurel Highlands Athletic Programs will abide by the spectator limitations imposed by the state and all spectators entering with a ticket must be wearing a mask.


Thank you for your patience and your understanding.


Laurel Highlands Athletics


Maximum Occupancy Calculator for indoor events:

Maximum Occupancy / Allowable Indoor Rate

0-2,000 people / 10% of Maximum Occupancy

2,001 - 10,000 people / 5% of Maximum Occupancy

Over 10,000 people / No events over 500 people

Maximum Occupancy Calculator for outdoor events:

Maximum Occupancy / Allowable Outdoor Rate

0-2,000 people / 15% of Maximum Occupancy

2,001 - 10,000 people / 10% of Maximum Occupancy

Over 10,000 people / 5% of Maximum Occupancy up to 2,500 people

Venues must require attendees to comply with 6-foot social distancing requirements, to wear masks or face coverings, and to implement best practices such as timed entry, multiple entry and exit points, multiple restrooms and hygiene stations.

In light of the current COVID-19 guidelines, Laurel Highlands High School will operate under the following procedures for participants and spectators:

At this time, indoor events are capped at 10% of occupancy limits for participants and spectators. This total number includes essential participants. (ie. participating student-athletes (home and visitors), coaches (home and visitors), officials, LH cheerleaders, and coaches if participating, school security, maintenance employees, etc.).

For each event, the Athletic Director will calculate the number of essential participants (as described above). That predetermined number will be the starting number of attendees for that event. Spectators will be identified and counted prior to each competition. Therefore, only per-sale spectators will be allowed entry. No outside ticket sales will take place.

Spectators must wear a mask/face covering and maintain social distancing guidelines. Failure to adhere to social distancing guidelines and mask/face covering requirements is cause for removal from the event. If you are unwilling or unable to comply with the social distancing and face-covering requirements, please do not plan to attend the event.

Spectators’ admittance to the facility will be based on presenting a ticket upon entry. Anyone without a ticket will be denied entry into the facility. No concessions will be available at any event.

Men’s Varsity/JV Basketball

112 spectators permitted including essential personnel. Each basketball player will receive two (2) tickets to distribute accordingly.

Women’s Varsity/JV Basketball

112 spectators permitted including essential personnel. Each basketball player will receive two (2) tickets to distribute accordingly.


No spectators. Meets may be virtual.

Any of the above-mentioned guidelines/procedures are subject to change at any time. Attempts to communicate any changes will be made at that time. However, due to the ever-changing nature of the situation, changes may be made that do not permit time for ample notice. We appreciate your understanding of this possibility in advance.


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