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Big changes for new Laurel Highlands AFJROTC students

Incoming Laurel Highlands High School freshman and 1st time Air Force JROTC students in grades 10-12 now have the option to wear a standardized shirt and jeans/khakis each week instead of the AFJROTC uniform.   Freshman and 1st year cadets who opt-out of wearing the uniform do NOT have to maintain the required AF JROTC grooming standards.

If a freshman or 1st year cadet wants to wear the AF JROTC uniform, one will be provided at no cost.  Cadets wearing the AFJROTC uniform must comply with grooming standards for hair, shaving, etc.

AFJROTC is a high-school class that counts as a 1 credit elective towards graduation.  There is NEVER any obligation to join the military if you decide to enroll in the JROTC course.  If you’re interested in taking the AFJROTC class or have any questions, please see your guidance counselor or one of the AF JROTC instructors.


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