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Family Road Map: Students with Special Needs

Families with special needs: Get the step-by-step plan that can launch you into action. We call it “Three in the Morning Anxiety.” The day hasn’t gone very well. You feel confused, frustrated, and heart-sore to the bone. One thought runs through your brain over and over: “What do I do NOW?”

The Road Map® Series gives you a simple five-point Guiding Star method that helps you launch into action– no matter what kind of help you need. It shows you how to identify the strengths that can lead to solutions, pinpoint your priority concerns, and communicate your goals to others.

It offers strategies that help you gain knowledge about services, build relationships that open doors, manage the paperwork jungle, and find support to face challenges. You can walk into meetings prepared and confident. You get more respect–and better results.

To learn more about the Road Map® Series training or to register please contact: Adrienne Russell, Family Advocate 724.430.4907

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