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Laurel Highlands High School's Gabrielle Tucker to Compete for 2023 Coal Queen Title

Laurel Highlands High School is abuzz with excitement as senior cheerleader and captain, Gabrielle Tucker, gears up to compete against representatives from various local school districts for the highly coveted title of 2023 Coal Queen. Known for her remarkable achievements and dedication, Gabrielle is a shining star in her community and a source of inspiration for her peers.

Within the school, Gabrielle's involvement extends far beyond the cheerleading squad. She actively participates in the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SAD) club, where she strives to promote awareness about the importance of making positive choices and fostering a supportive environment for her fellow students. In addition, she showcases her artistic talents as a member of the ART club, engaging in creative endeavors and fostering a vibrant artistic community within the school.

Beyond her school commitments, Gabrielle's love for cheer and dance extends into her personal life. She not only dedicates her time to honing her own skills but also selflessly shares her knowledge by assisting in teaching dance classes to younger children. Additionally, Gabrielle has taken on the role of coaching the youth league cheerleaders, passing on her passion and expertise to the next generation.

Gabrielle's commitment to hard work and her community doesn't stop there. She is known for her exceptional work ethic, juggling multiple jobs alongside her studies. Gabrielle is a valued employee at the Prom Shoppe, where she assists in creating unforgettable experiences for high school students during the prom season. Moreover, she can be found dedicating her time at Sunworks Tanning, ensuring clients receive the best tanning experience possible. Lastly, Gabrielle is also associated with Duck Hollow, where she contributes her skills and expertise to provide outstanding service.

The upcoming competition for the 2023 Coal Queen title is a testament to Gabrielle Tucker's exceptional qualities as a student, leader, and community member. Her dedication to her school, involvement in various clubs, passion for cheer and dance, and remarkable work ethic have undoubtedly positioned her as a deserving candidate for this prestigious honor. Laurel Highlands High School stands behind Gabrielle, rallying their support as she represents their school with pride and determination in the pursuit of the Coal Queen crown.

We wish Gabrielle Tucker the best of luck in the upcoming competition, confident that her extraordinary qualities will shine through and make her community proud.


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