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September 16, 2020

Dear marching band members and families,

A few things regarding the football game this Friday:

FIRST: If you have been involved in the band program at the high school in the past you know of our long history of advanced planning and organization. COVID-19 has completely changed the way in which we have been organizing and preparing. Things are changing daily and we are not always able to provide the advanced planning you are use to. I’m truly sorry. Mrs. Stewart and I are meeting daily to figure out the best options for the band and the choir program at Laurel Highlands. In short, we need your patience and understanding. I know this is not what you are use to — its not what we are use to either. Things are changing daily and we will update you when we have the best information we can.

SECOND: The game on Friday will NOT be a typical game in any way shape or form. The assistance from the band parent organization will be limited to 2 band parents before the game to assist with red band shirts and white ball caps. No band parents are permitted in the music suite area or stadium during any of the events on Friday. We have a limited numbers of spots we can fill and I am filling them with as many band members as possible.

THIRD: The itinerary for this weeks game is attached. Please review it and make sure you understand what is happening. The following are important items you need to be aware of:


  • Red Band Shirt (If you don’t have one we will provide one at 4:30PM $10.00)

  • White LH Ball Cap (Same as above if you don’t have one)

  • Wear Jeans

  • Water Bottle

  • Face Mask

  • Little Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

  • Bagged Meal for after rehearsal

In closing, thank you for your trust and support. I am excited to be able to provide a performance opportunity that encompasses the band, football team and cheerleaders. The band’s first priority will always be our students and their safety.

Musically yours,

Mark Santore

Director of Bands

Laurel Highlands High School

Download PDF • 1.21MB


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