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LHSD Creates Online Tutors for Students

LHSD has created new online tutor positions that are available on Mondays thru Thursdays from 6:00PM - 7:00PM to answer any questions. The following forms are now live. If you have a question please find the appropriate form and submit..

Technical Support: https://forms.gle/hrz6F7aV72Qrqtbv8

Middle/High School Math: https://forms.gle/McT36PT1SuDsAw3GA

Middle/High School English: https://forms.gle/KqjaHHvhgjyVcwY5A

Elementary Math: https://forms.gle/we5mkYvQ1k14pQrD8

Elementary English: https://forms.gle/dYSNgfE8XwNF9oiT7