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LHSD Responds to School Board Member Facebook Account Posts


Educational Leaders,

I am aware of current questionable posts cited on Facebook. Likewise, I have reached out on numerous occasions today to address the matter with the suspected author; in this vein, the suspected author has on all occasions claimed no responsibility for these posts. Conversely, the individual in question has continued to claim there has been no posting action for some time.

Further, I am being informed that it is the suspected author's position that the account in question has been hacked. As a result, I have strongly recommended that Face-Book be contacted to address this issue asap.

The rhetoric, tone, and nature of the posts are in no way aligned to the core beliefs, mission, and vision of the Laurel Highlands School District. In contrast, at every level of employment, we embed, promote, and sustain within our educational DNA an all-inclusive learning vehicle free of prejudices enabling all students to flourish to their full potential. As I write, we are doing everything possible to provide transparency to the matter and determine those responsible.


Dr. Jesse Wallace

Superintendent of Schools

Laurel Highlands School District



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